Elect the new 7 Wonders of the World
Acropolis Alhambra Angkor Wat Chichen-Itza Christ Redeemer Colosseum Easter Island
Eiffel tower Great Chinese Wall Hagia Sofia Kiyomizu temple Kremlin Machu Picchu Neuschwanstein castle
Petra Piramids of Gizeh Statue of Liberty Stonehenge Sydney Opera House Taj Mahal Timbuktu
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Seven New World Wonders

On 7-7 07 a new list of 7 world wonders will be composed.
A worldwide poll is now going on.
Everyone can participate in this election.

Grade Levels: Grade 9 to . . . . 
Curriculum Area: History, Geography
To carry out by: two persons
  • Seven posters or a
  • Computer presentation
  • An election in the classroom
Webquest author: John Demmers

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