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July 7th 2007 
7 New World Wonders...

The organization NEW7WONDERS holds elections to compose a new list of seven world wonders. You can vote too.

Perhaps you know the list of the world wonders which is used so far. Also called:

The Classical Seven World Wonders

  • Pyramid of Giza near Ca´ro in Egypt (+/- 4600 years old)
  • Colossus at the port of Rhodos in Greece (2200 years collapsed by a earthquake)
  • Hanging gardens of Babylon in Iraq (2700 years ago)
  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus in Turkey (2350 years ago)
  • The lighthouse at Alexandria near the coast of Egypt (+/- 2100 years old)
  • The statue of Zeus in  Greece at Olympia (2400 years old)
  • Temple of Artemis at Efeze in Turkey (2600 years old)

Only the pyramid of Giza still exists. There is nothing left of the other six constructions.

Last year the organization "new7wonders" had a list with 77 famous constructions. All these buildings are made before the year 2000. The traditional seven world wonders were on that list.

On January 1st 2006 this list of 77 constructions was reduced to 3 x 7 = 21 places. The pyramid of Giza is the only one of the classical seven which is still on this list.

On 7-7-2007 seven buildings will be elected for the new list of 7 world wonders.

Do you want to participate in this election? Than click on "introduction"

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