Elect the new 7 Wonders of the World
Acropolis Alhambra Angkor Wat Chichen-Itza Christ Redeemer Colosseum Easter Island
Eiffel tower Great Chinese Wall Hagia Sofia Kiyomizu temple Kremlin Machu Picchu Neuschwanstein castle
Petra Piramids of Gizeh Statue of Liberty Stonehenge Sydney Opera House Taj Mahal Timbuktu
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Below you see all names of the candidates. When you click on a name, you will see a page with special information about that place.

Hagia Sofia Acropolis Alhambra
Angkor Chichen Itzá Great wall of China
Christ Redeemer Colosseum Eiffel tower
Kiyomizu temple Kremlin and red square Machu Picchu
Neuschwanstein Statues on Easter Island Petra
Piramideof Giza Stonehenge Sydney Opera House
Taj Mahal Timbuktu Statue of Liberty

The organization of "New 7 wonder" is making a world tour around the 21 nominated places. If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, then you can also make that trip. Click here to take the trip. (As Google Earth has been started up, click on the "play" button under the rule "Places". If it doesn't work, then click at the top on "tools" and then on "Play tour".

Here you can take a short view at all the Nominees

Before you make your posters or computer presentation take a look at "evaluation", then you get an idea of the criteria your teacher will use to judge your work.

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  1. You can vote yourself by clicking on the banner below.
  2. You will be redirected to the website of the new7wonders
  3. Give your mail address and give 7 votes.
  4. You will receive an email how to confirm your vote. If you don't confirm it, your votes won't count.
  5. If you confirm the mail, then you are really logged in at the website of the "new7wonders".
  6. Give your name, sex and year of birth.
  7. Where there is asked for "N7W Champion Code / School Champion Code", you have to add the number 777245. With this number you support this WebQuest too.

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